Product information

Made-to-order cables

Low outgas cable (Tefron)

Its insulation material is made of fluorine resin, and so has excellent heat-resistance and is capable of being used under vacuum conditions.

Low outgas cable (PVC)

Carefully selected additive agents containing less impurities are used for the PVC that forms the cable.

Extremely thin coaxial cable

Extremely thin coaxial cables with an outer diameter of 0.5 or smaller are bundled together to form a multicore cable to be used for the connection of LCD panels or medical instrument sensors.

Composite multicore cable

A multipurpose cable formed by combining core wires of different structures and sizes depending on the intended use.

Optical fiber cable

Made up of ultimate fiber that has bending loss properties with a minimum bend radius of about one-sixth of the conventional one.

Image transmission cable (camera link cable, LVDS cable)

A cable used for outputting video and images.