Product information

Original cables

FD/FDS cable

“FD” is an abbreviation for “Fold”. FD/FDS is a cable configured for wiring simplicity. It has both the advantages of “bamboo-screen-like” flat cable and of multicore round vinyl sheath cable.


Compatible with the 2007 version of NFPA79 (electrical standard for industrial machines). It can be widely used as a CL3 approved listing cable compatible with the NEC standard.

Cross-linked polyethylene insulation multicore cable

Uses cross-linked polyethylene which has excellent frequency properties and heat resistance for insulation. As the shield contains drain wires, it can be easily handled.

Round one touch multibody cable FDS-TW cable

A round cable configured by making a twisted flat cable into a round shape and applying a bundled shield around it.
An insulation displacement connector for flat cable can be used as is.

Heat resistant vinyl multicore cable 300V UL2517 (V2S)

A UL-approved multicore cable with shield.
Uses an insulating material with excellent heat resistance, and all core wires are distinguished from one another (drain wires included).

Heat resistant oil proof vinyl sheath flexible cord

UL-, c-UL-, TC-, CE-, and PSE-approved power supply cable.
Can be used in most countries of the world.
Uses a heat-resistant, flexible vinyl for the insulating material and a heat-resistant oil-proof flexible vinyl for the sheath. Also has excellent abrasion resistance.