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Product Information

  • Original cables

    We manufacture our original cables to satisfy our customers’ needs.

  • Flexible cables

    These are cables to be used for moving parts of a robot or similar.

  • Made-to-order cables

    Low outgas cable, multicore cable, eco cable, etc.

  • Original cables

    Flexible wiring which can be widely shaped.

  • Other parts

    We also make parts for components of a joint, the joints themselves, or electronic power machinery.

  • Assembly products

    We can satisfy customer’s requests for further processing of electrical wires.

We make our best efforts to standardize electrical wires, cables, connectors, and other related parts as our original products and provide them to our customers in a timely manner.

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Domestic group companies

  • Total System Co., Ltd. TEL:0197-25-7461

  • Daiichi Denzai Yamanashi Co., Ltd. TEL:0551-21-2231

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  • 【27th,Jul,2015】

    Website Open. 

  • 【2th,Feb,2015】

    Exhibition at Embedded Technology 2013
    will be exhibiting its products at Embedded Technology 2013, which will be held at PACIFICO Yokohama.
    We aim to become your best business partner through the provision of electronic parts and materials.

  • 【17th,Apr,2015】

    This solution allows building a large-scale mesh network with a small-footprint program using our wireless LAN module.
    The demo will show real-time route displays and IP communications on a mesh network configured from multiple wireless LAN Smart modules.

  • 【27th,Jul,2015】

    Website Open. 

Precautions for use of power cords 

Power cords and cord sets to be sold in Japan must display the PSE mark under the Electrical Appliances and Material Safety Act. Products which conform to UL/CSA standards are for North America and cannot be used in Japan. Please note that any person who violates this rule may be subject to imprisonment with work for not more than one year, a fine of not more than 1 million yen, or both.