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Message from the President

Each of our employees plays a major role in pursuing our customers’ satisfaction. Each of our employees seeks to spend meaningful days devoting themselves to “sales” with the motto of “speed & service” so as to satisfy the needs of our customers. As we are in times of dynamic change, there are things that are required of specialized trading companies like us. We will take advantage of the strength of a specialized trading company so that we are able to continue to adapt ourselves to the times of dynamic change and make our development happen.
We want to be a group in which all employees work earnestly together, making efforts toward our goal, and thereby making steady progress day by day.

Takuya Umezawa was born in 1967. Graduate of the Department of Commerce, Keio University. Entered ITOCHU Corporation in 1992, and then entered Daiichi Denzai Co., Ltd. in 1997 and became president in 2005. He regards the current situation of the company as its second foundation period and seeks to make further progress.